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Lady Tiger Wrestling brings home
CU's first national championship

By Ariel C. Emberton, assistant editor

On Sunday, Feb. 11, the Powell Athletic Center was buzzing with excitement as a variety of Campbellsville University athletes, coaches, professors, staff and students awaited the return of the women’s wrestling team who had earlier won the Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Association (WCWA) national tournament.

The Lady Tigers represented Campbellsville University in the WCWA national tournament on Feb. 9-10 and were able to bring home a national title along with two national champions.

“It’s a great experience for the women’s wrestling team. They work hard like every other team, and it’s good to see it pay off,” said Parish Howell, a football player from Norfolk, Va.

A return celebration was held late Sunday night as the team made their way into the gymnasium, holding their new national champion trophy and banner. Matt Payton, radio program/production director of WLCU 88.7 FM The Tiger and the voice of Tiger and Lady Tiger basketball, began the program and said, “Ladies if you will have me tonight I would love to be the voice of Lady Tiger wrestling.”

Jim Hardy, director of athletics, briefly spoke to those in attendance. He reminded the team of a time, in the fall, when he met with them and talked about putting God first, family next and then the university and finding a way to bring home a national championship. “I’m here tonight to tell you that you’ve done all three,” Hardy said.

Lee Miracle, women’s wrestling coach and WCWA Coach of the Year, introduced the team and the WCWA All-Americans.

The All-American wrestlers are as follows:

Morgan Becker, eighth place at 155 lbs.; Kaitlyn Hill, seventh place at 191 lbs.; Koral Sugiyama, fifth place at 123 lbs.; Shelby Hall, fifth place at 130 lbs.; McKayla Campbell, fourth place at 101 lbs.;

Alexia Foca, fourth place at 143 lbs.; Charlotte Fowler, third place at 109 lbs.; and Mariah Harris, second place at 170 lbs.

Grace Bullen won her first WCWA national championship at 130 lbs.; and Kayla Miracle, won her fourth WCWA national championship at 136 lbs.

Coach Miracle spoke about how hard and draining the tournament was for everyone, but how in the end it paid off. He thanked everyone for their support and turned the program over to his daughter, Kayla Miracle. Kayla is the fourth wrestler in the WCWA to become a four-time national champion in WCWA history.

Kayla Miracle expressed how much the team loved the support and said “the support pushes us and holds us together.”

Dr. Michael V. Carter, president of Campbellsville University, gave the closing remarks for the night. Carter said, “Women can compete, women can lead and women make the world a better place.”