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By Mikayla Smith

It’s that time of year again, when the weather starts to cool off, the leaves begin to change and everyone starts wearing layers.

Fall is arguably the prettiest time of the year, and it also is a time to gather. The ever-anticipated holiday season will be here before we know it, but first Campbellsville University must celebrate homecoming.

Homecoming is the perfect event to kick off the fall the season. Students, families and alumni all get to come together in several activities and events. They all get to celebrate one thing, Campbellsville University.

One of my favorite parts about Homecoming is listening to alumni talk about their stories from when they were in their college days. They come back here to CU to reflect on what their lives were like when they were in college; how they found their calling, who their first love was, what they and their friends did after curfew and how much the university has changed.

Times have really changed and most aren’t afraid to share their memories with you. Campbellsville University has a rich history. In fact, homecoming dates back to the Russell Creek Academy days in 1911.

Even back then they had a parade, but they also gathered to share a picnic. That is what Homecoming is about; getting together and sharing, enjoying the past and the present.

Get out and celebrate Homecoming week. Last but not least, Go Tigers!

Homecoming is bittersweet for those who are graduating

By Mikayla Smith

Staff Writer